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Mind and Spirit Healing Exercise

In the holistic approach we treat the mind, body, and spirit.

Today I want to share one mind and spirit healing exercise.

It is a mindset meditation.

For best results do this when you first wake up or at bedtime. The meditation is usually split into 3 equal parts between 5 to 10 minutes each section.

1. DEEP BREATHING with a focus on love and oneness - You can use a loving kindness meditation if you know it or expand your feeling through your house, neighborhood, city, state, etc.

2. AFFIRMATION - I like using a Mirror exercise for this part. I feel the reflection keeps me present. But you can use a universal mantras or individual ones.

3. VISUALIZATION - This is the law of attraction part. The technique I recommend is to be both vague and specific. Be thankful in past-tense to a higher power as if it is destiny, and in order for you to be the best person you can be, you need to be in a state of happiness and contentment.

Enjoy and if you need more direct please feel free to contact us 7276851390

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