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Functional Oriental Medicine

Dr Stephen Belmore Jr has dedicated his life to learning the ancient arts. As a former Buddhist monk he lived in and traveled throughout Asia. With intense physical, mental, and spiritual practices, that experience started his passion for Oriental Medicine. Now he brings his wisdom to help as many people as possible.

Our clinic is dedicated to your overall health and well-being. We specialize in educating, inspiring, and treating each and every one of our patients. We mix old with new using time tested systems with modern testing and research. Integrating the five branches of Chinese medicine we have more to offer than just acupuncture, even a needleless approach.


Why Natural Medicine

What we can help with

Weight Management

Programs available using modern testing & research for proven results. Optimizing your health to get off some of your medications. If you have problems with your blood sugar, cholesterol, or inflammation than this program is for you.


There are several avenues to inflammation. Acupuncture can help treat them but that is not the only service we have for pain relief. Call us to find out more.


We are exposed to roughly 82,500 chemicals every week. Seasonal detoxes are necessary to ward of diseases.

Auto-immune Disorders

These conditions are rapidly increasing throughout the US. We find that programs treating the body as a whole, harmonizing the systems has the best results.


Health starts and ends with the gut. Modern research shows that 95% of all chronic diseases have an inflammatory component.

Stress Management

In this fast pace day to day life stress management is all too important. If you have tried treatments and they haven't worked, it might be due to stress



"1st experience with acupuncture, but I couldn't imagine it being better. Professional. Friendly. Extremely knowledgeable. I had a Lot of pain & have felt considerable relief after only 2 sessions. Flexible appointment times. Very comfortable office."

Lindsey S.

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